Welcome to Grace and St. Paul Lutheran Churches, Osoyoos and Oliver BC





Dear members and friends of Grace & St. Paul Lutheran


  In compliance with WorkSafeBC, the following “Safety Plan” was adopted, with changes in our protocols.  The main things include 1. Social distancing; 2. Hand hygiene; 3. Staying home if you are feeling sick.

As you can see, things will not be “business as usual,” but we will instead have a “new normal.”  Many of these changes are unwelcome, but nevertheless are necessary.


Pews are marked as to where to sit. Couples are to sit together. Singles are to sit apart. There will be 2 places on each end one pew, followed by an empty pew. The places where to sit are indicated by green tape.


Hand sanitizer is available and you are required to use it on your way in and out, or you may bring your own to use, if you prefer.


Audio recordings will continue to be posted to this webpage for those unable to attend in person.





  1. Assessing Risk

The virus that causes Covid-19 spreads in several ways. It can spread in droplets, when a person coughs or sneezes. It can also spread if you touch a contaminated surface, and then touch your face.

The rise of person-to-person transmission increases the closer you come to other people, the more time you spend near them, and the more people that you come near

The risk of surface transmission increases when many people contact the same surface and when those contacts happen over short periods of time.


At Grace & St. Paul Lutheran Church, leaders have consulted each other to assess our workspace.

  1. Implemented protocols to reduce risk.
  1. If anyone has the following symptoms, they should not be attending: fever, chills, new or worsening cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, and new muscle aches or headaches, or any other symptoms of Covid19.
  2. We will limit occupancy to under 50 people.
  3. Hand sanitizer will be available for people to use, when entering and exiting.
  4. Everyone will be asked to refrain from any sort of physical greeting, using instead a nod, smile, wave, etc.
  5. People will be allowed into church and asked to sit down either as individuals or family units on marked locations which will be at least 6 feet apart from one another.
  6. Markings of 6 feet will be posted on the floor, and people will be asked to use them to remain 6 feet apart while entering or exiting the building, or coming forward for Communion.
  7. People may give their offerings either on their way in or out of the church on the plate placed at the back of the church.
  8. People may want to consider wearing non-medical face masks, especially when social distancing cannot easily be maintained, i.e. entering and exiting.
  9. A record of all families who are attending each week will be made.
  10. Any visiting should take place outside, before or after the service, maintaining safe distance.
  11. Services will remain available both by email and online audio recording on the webpage for any preferring to continue in self-isolation and not wanting to attend in person.
  12. When there is Holy Communion offered:
  1. The person preparing the elements before hand would do so with freshly washed hands, and wearing a face mask.
  2. People will be invited forward, maintaining physical distancing, one person or family unit at a time.
  3. Pastor, wearing a non-surgical mask, and using hand-sanitizer, will alone oversee distribution. 
  4. The wine will be in individual glasses only, along with a wafer. They will be set out, but separated at a distance, for people to pickup themselves, and then deposit the emptied glass into the receptacle.
  5. People will make their way back to their places on either side isle, keeping distance, and using the markings to keep safe distance.
  6. Following the services, all communion ware will be properly cleaned.


  1. The Building
  1. High traffic areas, especially the bathroom, will be disinfected regularly. Soap dispensers and paper towels will be well stocked for use.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering, and at different places in the church.
  3. Those handling the offerings need to sanitize their hands following the counting.
  4. The leadership will reassess our protocols to reduce risk on a regular basis.



Grace Lutheran Church, Osoyoos and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Oliver are located in the South Okanagan Valley of beautiful British Columbia.  This part of the province is considered a semi-desert.  We remember that our world is fallen, and people need to know about love, mercy, and grace of God.  Like an oasis in the desert, our congregations seek to be places of refreshing. Psalm 107:35 states that God "...turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water."  We seek to be that "pool" and "spring" in this place


Therefore, we invite all who may be in our communities, either as long term residents, new arrivals, or summer and winter visitors, to join us for regular "refreshing" as we gather around His Word and sacraments, which are God's means of grace. 


Who We Are

Grace Lutheran and St. Paul Lutheran Churches are congregations of Lutheran Church-Canada (LCC). We are a church that holds to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired Word of God and to the writings contained in the Book of Concord of 1580 because they are in accord with the Scriptures.

What We Believe

To learn more about the doctrinal positions of LCC please see this link: